Get free online training for microsoft platform through microsoft virtual academy

Microsoft virtual academy is Microsoft free training platform which is provide free IT training for Students, developers, IT pros and Data Scientists. Training provided by world class experts (like Microsoft MVP or other experts) to help build your technical skills and advance career. Here you can learn about latest Microsoft technologies (like Microsoft Azure, office 365, sql server, windows mobile app development, game development with unity etc.) for free.

Microsoft virtual academy deliver free training by experts in three Categories

1. Developer

There are various kind of course included in this category

1. Windows 10                                         2. Cloud development
3. Game development                            4. Web development
5.Database development                       6. C#/XAML
7.Visual                                                      8.Mobile app development

2. IT Pros

There are various kind of course included in this category

1. Virtualization                                         2. Enterprise security
3. PowerShell                                              4. Desktop and Service Management
5.Azure for IT Pros                                    6. Office 365 for IT Pros
7.DevOps                                                       8 Windows Server

2. Data Pros

There are various kind of course included in this category

1. Database Administration                       2. Database development
3. Business Analytics                                    4. Advanced Analytics
5.Big data                                                          6. Share point
7.Power BI                                                        8 Sql Server

Find New courses Every week

Some extra features of Microsoft virtual Academy

1. Get seamless Online learning experience

learn the latest technology on your terms. you can download videos for offline viewing or pickup where you left your learning.

2. Manage your playlist

you can manage or track your playlist of courses according to your self.

3. Track your progress

you can test your knowledge with self assessment and certificates of completion for courses you cleared .

4. Access experts through live Q/A session

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