Build your first alexa skill using Ask-cli

ask-cliHello friends !

Here in this article you will learn about making an alexa skill using ASK-CLI. 

This is simple,efficient and fast way of making an alexa skill with any code editor like Visual studio code . I am using visual studio code for building alexa skill.

Build Alexa skill – Get Start

Here i tell about some steps below :-

Step – 1. first of all setup your aws account for ask-cli

Now alexa skill kit is available in java, python, node.js, c# etc programming language. That’s why you need to adding ask-cli library to your command mode. if you have already node.js module installed in your pc.  You need to adding ask-cli package by using a simple command on cmd prompt.

$  npm install -g ask-cli

Now setup your aws account with ask-cli you need to run this command

                $ ask init  –aws-setup

after running this command you need to adding your Access key and secret id which is available in aws security credential section.

We recommand you to use IAM user account instead of root account.  Its your choice.

Step – 2. Now init. your default aws account with ask cli

here you need to running some commands. see below.

$ ask init

this will ensure you amazon developer account and after sign in with amazon account. your aws default account will initialized. you will get your amazon vendor id. if you faced problem then try again.

after all you will become able to making an alexa skill.

Step – 3. now use some  commands shown below

$ ask new

# this command is use for making new alexa skill

       after it you need to naming your skill. thats it. your alexa skill repository will be created.


Step – 3. Now go through your project root directory

                   $ cd  your project name

                          here you need to creating your project according your idea.

Step – 4. Now its time to deploy your project

                    $ ask deploy

Step – 5. Now its time to testing  your project

                    $ ask simulate -l en-US -t “invocation name”

                       Note:- here you need to setup your alexa skill “invocation name”  in your project model folder

                     en-US.json file.


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