Make your first Alexa skill quickly

Hello friends!

Here I tell about how can you make a kick start in your development career using Alexa skill Development. And the most and important thing is anyone can get the start either he/she are a developer or not. this is for all here important is your idea, not technical skills. That’s it.

Now get start

Step 1:-  Aws and amazon developer account required (Recommended)

It is required because for backend process of Alexa skill Aws lambda function is recommended and  amazon developer is required for accessing Alexa Skill Kit

for creating aws account follow the link below

Step 2:-  After the first step, you need to visit Alexa skill kit

         Now visit amazon developer website  by following this link below

                        Sign in your account and visit Amazon Alexa shown below in the picture

Step 3:-  Now visit  Alexa skill kit  console 

        see below in this picture

Learn about making an Alexa skill trivia game

For any help comment , we help you


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