How can you start your first website using amazon EC2 instance

Make your first website using amazon EC2

for starting with cloud for websites or other purpose you can follow my guidance. Here i am telling about launching a server using amazon EC2 services.

Please follow my guidance step by step

step 1 :-  Make an amazon web services account

Before start to anything you always need to making an account with service provider organisation. For this you can follow these links .

now you can see signup just look like that

aws signup

step 2 :- choosing an  EC2  service from your AWS deshboard

now you need to visiting aws EC2 service from its Compute section. see the below picture

amazon EC2

step 3:- Launch instance from EC2 dashboard

Now you can see your ec2 instance dashboard and you need to click on launch instance. see in picture below.

amazon EC2

step 4:- look at amazon marketplace of AMI’s

after click on launch instance you can see amazon market place of amazon instance. here every type instances are availble so you need to selecting any one instance from there. If you are beginner of AWS services you got free services and you can select free tier instance.

Please select instance carefully.

for more clarification look at picture below.

amazon EC2

step 5:- After selecting instance follow some pictures.

Now you need to be follow all requirement and choose any thing according to your comfortably.please choose free tier services according to your requirement if you are beginner.Now take a look on some picture below.

  1.  Choose instance type 

amazon EC2

2. Configure instance

amazon EC2

3. Add storage

amazon EC2

4. Add tags

Please notice this is recommended thing because it consist a key value pair key with (.pem) extension which is very useful for instance accessing purpose using ssh or other client.    amazon ec2

5. Configure security group

This group contain all security parameters of your instance so please make a better security group according to requirement. Set inbound and outbound rules for it.

amazon EC2

6. Now review your all configurations and download keypair key and launch instance.


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